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In order to streamline the administration over mines and relevant mine safety, Taiwan Provincial Government integrated Coal Industry Regulatory Committee, the Second Section of Reconstruction Department governing mine safety, and the Second Division of Industry and Mine Inspection Committee overseeing inspection of mine safety into Taiwan Provincial Bureau of Mines (TPBOM) on 11, February 1970, under the direct jurisdiction of Reconstruction Department. TPBOM later set up Eastern Office at Hualien to promote the development of mineral resources in Eastern Taiwan in January 1977 and established Training Center at Shih-pai, Taipei to elevate mine safety awareness and competency of relevant personnel in May 1985. Thereafter, to accommodate environment changes and downsize Taiwan Provincial Government, TPBOM was added to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) as Bureau of Mines (BOM) on 1, July 1999. In order to adapt the change of mining industrial environment, the organization of this Bureau was reorganized on 13th, March 2004. In the past, the TPBOM was led by Mr. Wei-Wu Tien, Mr. Yue Chiu, Mr. Jin-Fu Kao, Mr. Feng-Zhi Lee, Mr. Chung-Biao Lin, Mr. Hsian-Chang Chen and Mr. Ming-Chau Chu. Now the BOM within the MOEA is under the direction of Mr. Ming-Chau Chu since 7, May 1997, who also serves as the concurrent director of the Department of Mines, MOEA since 25, March 2004.