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* Mine administration and management
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Mine administration and management

Mine administration and management (Bureau of mines Ministry of economic affairs5926012000)

  • Mine administration and technical assistance
  • Mine safety management and mine hazard prevention
  • Soil and rock management and deterrence of illegal aggregate excavation
  • Mineral resources and safety of magazine
  • Mine administration and technical assitance(5926012000-1)
    budget:28666thousand dollars




Type of program: society development


Mine administration division, technical assistance and eastern district office


Executive summary of project:

  1. Administration of establishment of mineral right and mine surveying and inspection; monitoring and assistance of mining industry
  2. Investigation of subsidence of abandoned mine tunnels and quarry.
  3. To levy mineral royalty
  4. Enhance explosive management, conduct explosive training program and allocation of industrial use explosive.
  5. Investigation of up-to-date mineral resources application and collection of mining related technical information



要點圖示 Management of mine safety and prevention of mine hazard (5926012000-2) budget:14518thousand dollars


Type of program:Society development


Divison: Mine safety


Executive summary of project:

Administration of mine safety monitoring, enhance mine safety management and training, inspection of mine hazard prevention

要點圖示 Soil and rock management and deterrence of illegal aggregate excavation (5926012000-3) 
budget:19318 thousand dollars


Type of program: society development


Division:Soil and rock administration


Executive summary of project
1、Conduct sand and gravel management
1. Assist multiple sand and gravel resources development and balance aggregate supply and demand
Monitor local government sand and gravel administration related affairs
3. Construct sand and gravel production and sales information database
4. In accordance with public safety program, enhance aggregate truck safety management
5. Conduct sand and gravel related administration propagands

2、Deter illegal land sand and gravel excavation
1. Enhance deterrence of illegal sand and gravel excavation
2. Aerial photography monitoring to prevent illegal sand and gravel excavation



要點圖示 Mineral resources management and magazine safety administration (5926012000-4) 
budget:3960 thousand dollars


Type of program:Public construction


Division:Technical assistance


Executive summary of project

1、Mineral and aggregate resource database:
to include project results into national land information system and to promote mineral and aggregate application as reference for national strategic decision making

2、Magazine safety and construction of energy and mineral database
1. Construct magazine environment database and internet GIS system.  Establish magazine emergency communication system and to accomplish information interflow and share platform.
2. Conduct coal mine abandoned tunnels and waste piles investigation project and mineral resource database.