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* Mine administration and management
* one stop administrative window
* Service and flow chart of eastern district office
* Mine safety
Service and flow chart of eastern district officew

 List of Applications:

Documentation required:

1. (Investigation of overlap of slope land development and mine site) first section


(1) boundary map, Scale: 1:5,000,
One copy of transparency and three copies of blue print
(2) Location map with scale:  1:25,000 or 1:50,000(3) One copy of certificate of entrustment or an agreement signed by both sides need to be provided for person who is authorized.
(4)Processing fee:2,000NT$
2.Approval and seal of east-west aggregate supply second section
Notification for application of preferential fee verification for east-west aggregate supply

Process flowchart:

process flowchart

Other notices:

Lists of map footnotes
(1) Map title, Legend and description and North mark
(2) Application area four points Cadastral or TWD67, TWD97 Coordinates
(3)Boundary applied need to be colored and listed in the legend
(4)Mine map shall include applicant’s (include company) and surveyer’s signatures and Stamp