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Organization History

Eastern district office was established on Jan. 15, 1977 to speed up the mineral resources development and promote the local economics in eastern Taiwan. The functions of this office includes mining related administration, monitoring and inspection (south of Li-Wu river area) and technical assistance practices in Hua-lien and Tai-Dong counties. There are total 21 staffs and 7 fellow workers. Mr. Jian-Hua Lu is currently director of the office. There are two sections in the office with functions lists as follows:


First section:

Mine administration and management, execution of mining policy, establishment and management of mineral right, registration of mineral right, mine boundary surveying and identification, mine map management, examination of overlap of slopeland development and mine site, levy of mineral right, other administration (documentation, cashier, research and assessment, purchasing, filing, management of staff and associate worker, accounting and civil service ethics).


second section:

Hua-Lien and Tai-Dong counties (south of Li-Wu river) mine safety and hazards prevention monitoring and investigation, mine hazard investigation and inspection of hazard prevention communication system, review of mine operating safety plan, mine safety techniques study, price and volume investigation of mineral products, mining related information collection and mine technical assistance
Service Time: AM:8:30~12:30 /PM:1:30~ 5:30
Security Direct Line:(03)8230501
Mail: janhawlu@mine.gov.tw