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Organization History

  In order to consolidate mine administrative system, enhance mine safety, mining administrative authority, mine safety council and mine safety investigation division in the department of construction of Taiwan province were integrated in Feb. 21 1970 to form Taiwan Provincial bureau of mines which is also the predecessor of bureau of mines of ministry of economic affair.
in order to speed up the mineral resources development of eastern Taiwan, eastern district office was established in Hua-Lien in Jan, 1977. In May 1985, a training center located at Shi-Pai Taipei was also established to enhance safety training of mining operation related personnel.
To cope with functions and organization adjustment of Taiwan provincial government, Taiwan provincial bureau of mines was then affiliated to ministry of economic affairs in July 1, 1999.


The organization of bureau of mines include mine administration, Mine safety, mine assistance and soil and rock divisions, eastern district office, secretary, accounting, personnel and civil service ethics offices with total of 12 sectors. There are five safety centers located at Rui Fang, Shan-Xia, Tou-Fen, I-Lan and Ho-Ping.

Organization Chart