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NEWS MATERIALS--The project「A Study on development of Low carbon dioxide geopolymer green cement and concrete」increases circular economy on mining
The production of cement produces more energy consumption as well as a huge amount of
carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Other side, mining development is increased day
by day which causes increase in mine waste due to overburden or surrounding rock. In
order to solve this problem, the Taiwan Bureau of Mine commissioned to the Institute
of Mineral Resources Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei,
to develop this kind of geopolymer cement and concrete at ambient temperature in
2019. Currently, "Geopolymer Cement and Concrete" prepared with mining waste could
have the potential to solve above-mentioned problems. Geopolymer concrete with mining
waste can be used in the structural or non-structural applications.

The project could offer a structural or non-structural buildings application of mine
waste in geopolymer concrete without high-temperature production process. This new
green concrete’s various properties, as well as preparation of cold-bonded
aggregates, will meet the criteria of CNS3090 and CNS3691.

The project also determined the green concrete long-term durability. It is expected
to set a green concrete operating manual and its preparation procedures. Since the
green cement and concrete do not need a high-temperature process, they can be
manufactured at ambient temperature, and can fully achieve the purpose of energy-
saving and carbon dioxide reduction. The results of this project have found that
marble-based geopolymer green concrete has excellent properties such as high
compressive strength, fire resistance, acid/alkali resistance, and can significantly
reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It is expected after more relevant tests supported,
it can be promoted and applied to engineering applications in the future.
Spokesperson: Kuo-Tung Chou, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Mines, MOEA
Office Phone: (02) 2311-3001 #501, Mobile: 0921-995-933
Email: ktchou@mine.gov.tw
Person in charge: Associate Technical Specialist, Chiou-Hsien Lee
Tel number: (02) 2311-3001 #720, Mobile: 0983-296-567
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