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NEWS MATERIALS--The Legislature today passed amendments to the Industrial Explosives Administrative Act.
Industrial Explosives Administrative Act. promulgated on November 30, 2005, and were amended and promulgated on May 27, 2009. According to Subparagraph 4, Paragraph 1, Article 26 of the Industrial Explosive Administrative Act, the person who is diagnosed as having psychological disorder or other mental disease by educational hospital shall not be taken as an explosive manager. With reference to the aim of the CRPD, concerning the profession of explosive managers and users, as well as the public safety, Ministry of Economic Affair had presented an amendment. The amendment of Subparagraph 4, Paragraph 1, Article 26 of the Industrial Explosive Administrative Act be revised to “ The explosive manager or user has been determined by a team of specialist physicians, psychologists and scholars/experts invited by the competent authority to be unable to practice due to objective facts,” and added Subparagraph 3 with “After the cause listed in subparagraph 4 of the preceding paragraph is eliminated, the explosive manager or user may still apply for practice license in accordance with this Act.”

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