Mine Administration Division

Mine Administration
Our division attaches importance to administrative and operational standards in accordance with the law, strengthen various types of education and training, and introduce various innovative technologies and management methods to ensure efficiency and quality in business execution.
In order to carry out related business, the division consists of the director and the first and second Section.
The business of this division is as follows:
1.In charge of mining policy formulation and implementation.
2.Revision and interpretation of the Mining Act, its sub-laws (Enforcement Rules) and related administrative rules.
3.Mining industry administration, mining rights registration, mining land verification and alteration and mine registration.
4.Levy of mine concession fee and mineral royalty.
Chief I (02)2311-3001#610
Chief II(02)2311-3001#630
First Section
1.Mining policy implementation and drafting the regulations.
2.Managing the basic map of mining concession.
3.Approved mining rights application. (establishment, extension, transfer, renewal, closing, stoppage and resumed work)
4.Registration of mining rights.
5.Levying and reducing mine concession fee.
6.Accepting and querying cases of duplicate mining areas, mining reserved areas and underground mine pits.
7.Designating mining-prohibited areas and mining reserved areas.
8.Mining engineers approve and revoke registration.
9.Verifying the actual construction mining survey map and related test results of the previous year.
Second Section
1.Approval, verification, renewal and revocation of mining land.
2.Review the renewal of the conceptualized exploration- mining plan and its drawing.
3.Annotated the business that sand and gravel obtained along with the mining operation in which sand and gravel are co-existed with the mineral deposit in the same mine.
4.Application for the mine commencement and the issuance of the mine registration certificate.
5.Accepting the annual construction plan for reference business.
6.Handling of relevant laws and regulations such as land change preparation and permissible use.
Update time:2019/09/05
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