Technical Assistance Division

First Section:
1. Management of dealer and purchaser of industrial use explosive materials.
2. Permission and management of the import, export, transaction, alienation, store, transport, and dispose of industrial use explosive materials.
3. Registration, issue of certificate and inspection of magazine.
4. Qualification, training, and issue of permits of industry use explosive materials manager and user.
5. Planning, establishment and management of computers and information technology system.

Second Section:
1.Mineral exploration and exploitation.
2.Mining technology Counseling and research improvement.
3.Promotion of mineral products for export.
4.Investigation and compilation of mining information statistics.
5.Examination and management of the mineral products from China.
6.Acting in concert with cooperative mining of overseas minerals.
7.Mineral production and sales adjustment
8.Counseling storage and transportation,etc.

First Section: +886-2-23113761
Second Section: +886-2-23113833
Update time:2019/07/24
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