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  • ☉ Is the fire extinguisher useful when the magazine explosion?(2019/07/23)

    The fire extinguisher only be employed for situation that the fire is not huge. Otherwise, everyone should evacuate.

  • ☉ To avoid disputation, the jurisdiction of governing agencies should notice the explosive user who will be inspected forehand.(2019/07/23)

    The inspector, when conducting inspection, shall identify himself using proper identification.

  • ☉ How many explosive managers could be assigned in a magazine?(2019/07/23)

    A magazine could assigned more than one explosive managers. It is practicable to detail their duties, but keeping the record is necessary.

  • ☉ The wage of explosive manager should be provided by the law.(2019/07/23)

    An explosive manager shall be paid such wages as determined through negotiations with the employer.

  • ☉ How to assign designated personnel or personnel shift?(2019/07/23)

    The magazine owner shall assign at least one designated personnel or personnel shift 24hr a day for guard. The job of designated personnel or personnel shift requires working in rotating shifts.

  • ☉ If a traffic engineering section who has to clear of the rock-fall while the traffic was interrupted by landslides doesn’t have a magazine, how to get explosive?(2019/09/04)

    Comply with the provisions in Article 24.

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